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  • Hi there,


    Thanks for visiting my website and nice to meet you! My name is Jasper Mutsaerts. I was born in 1986 in an entrepreneurial and idealistic family in The Netherlands. However, I took my very first steps in Tanzania where I learned to walk and where I developed a zest for life and a love for travel.


    When I turned 14, I made a phone call to the chairman of our soccer club and asked: would it be possible to start coaching youth soccer teams? "Yes" was his answer so I took my first steps in coaching on the soccer pitch.


    After working as a strategy consultant, I co-founded a travel agency, social network and co-working space. At some point in time, people started approaching me for startup advice. I found that working at the intersection of consulting & entrepreneurship invigorates me. It's my mission to help startups define a clear strategy and reach their goals so they can improve our world, one startup at a time.






    P.S. With The Startup Coach © I focus on collaborating with startup accelerators, but once in a while I am up for working with individual startups as well.

  • How

    I would like to help you to make your startup accelerator program a masterpiece!




    Facilitation of a workshop with
    a group of startups as part of
    an accelerator program (e.g. ImpactHub Business Model Challenge, Booking Booster).




    2 hour session with a startup
    in which we discuss their performance and plans in 6 areas: Impact, Strategy, People, Execution, Happiness & Cash.




    Moderation of an event such as a demo day, pitch event or stakeholder forum (e.g. UN Social Good Summit, pitch contest City of Amsterdam).

  • What

    What do the startups that participate in your startup accelerator program get out of it?


    I help them gain clarity on six dimensions: Impact, Strategy, People, Happiness, Execution and Cash.


    Typical questions that startups have and that we try to answer in collaboration with the startups are:


    • Area: What is the domain in which I want to have a positive impact on the world?
    • Measurement: How do I measure the impact?
    • Integration: How do integrate my impact objectives in the business model?


    • Ambition: can you help me in defining my long term ambition?
    • Where to play: what are the customers that I should focus on?
    • How to win: how do I create a winning value proposition?


    • Hiring & firing: how do I attract, develop and retain talented people?
    • Engagement: should I offer share options to my employees?
    • Performance management: how do I structure the KPI's per employee?


    • 6 grand illusions: How can you learn to see through the 6 grand illusions?
    • 7 brain defects: How can you fix the 7 brain defects?
    • 5 ultimate truths: How can you anchor your self in the 5 ultimate truths?


    • Priorities: how do I know what my priorities should be for the next 100 days?
    • Data: how do we measure our progress?
    • Rhytm: how does our meeting rhytm look like?


    • Finance: how do I make a good budget for the next year and beyond?
    • Funding: how much investment do I need and when and how do I raise funding?
    • Cash flow: how do I manage my cash flow?
  • I challenge startups to join the ranks of those who define their dreams in a clear strategy, never stop learning, reach for fulfilling goals and improve the world, one startup at a time.

  • Clients

    I love to collaborate with clients that share the same values: dream to discover, design to deliver.


    Booking Booster



    United Nations

    Dream clients
























  • References

    Find out what startups have said about our collaboration

    Seabin Project entered the competitive business world as a startup with severe lack of experience, finance and resource and therefore we could not afford to hire the people we needed. In hindsight we actually had no idea of what we needed to scale up in order to turn our startup into a thriving business. Jasper provided the guidance, patience and lateral thinking to find solutions to enable the success for our startup. Currently we are restructuring our business model and investigating in expanding our team through the criteria set out by Jasper.

    A side effect of being an entrepreneur is the habit to start before you're ready. Jasper challenged me to define a long term strategy, expand and increase the activities and workforce needed to make my dream a reality. And with result: the movement is growing rapidly. I wholeheartedly hope that many startups will be inspired by Jasper to engineer a path to impact and happiness. They say: if someone touches your heart, it can change your life. Jasper's support enriches my life and the lives of others in more ways than he will ever know.

    Great balance of both knowledge, practical tools and tailored advice. Really helps that he had both consulting and entrepreneurial background and took the effort to understand each of our businesses.






    Marieke Slinkert | The Netherlands

    founder , House of impact


    Jasper has the power to touch the essence of your personal mission in a few seconds. And transform this to a clear starting point of your business journey. He makes the connection between the heart, the mind and the gut, inspires people to think big, keep focused and dare to make mistakes. I met him as a great facilitator at the Impact Hub and looking forward to zoom in with extra coaching sessions the next months to get our business growing and make more impact worldwide.


    founder & ceo, Authenticook

    The structure in which Jasper always interacted really helped. Everything being put on paper is something that we should all get into a habit of doing and that is what Jasper instilled the most in us.






  • Stats

    I have coached 125 social entrepreneurs from 6 continents helping them make an impact!


    Startups coached


    Continents discovered

  • Connect

    Hi there, do you want to have a chat to discuss a potential collaboration?

    Lindengracht 2761-1
    1015 KN, Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    +31 6 55 87 53 53
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